The quest for Calvary

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In my short time on this planet, I've had many a storm come raging through my life. In many instances, those storms have uprooted many of the things I have come to depend upon in my life and the things that I felt most secure in, disappeared. But through it all, I have learned an important lesson: the only sure thing in this world is the Lord.

And my chief passion is that He would get all of the glory out of my life, and that my vision for the world is that I would use the talents and abilities that He has blessed me with in order to make that a reality. I know that even to this world that seems to look more and more bleak each day, the hearts of men and women are hungry for the Lord, even if they don't realize it. There's something deep inside the core of their existence that thirsts for Him, and desires the sense of completion that only comes from having a personal relationship with the Lord.

I have dedicated my life to doing all that I can to share with others what the Lord has shared with me, and be a living testimony to the world of God's character. There has yet to be a day that I have done this perfectly, but I strive to lead with integrity and moral excellence. Through those impurities, I pray people can see that God is the only reason there's anything good about me.

Most important thing for you to know: I am because He is.